The Jam & Relish Kitchen

Intercourse, PA

Quaint & Great Place with Everything You Can Imagine
Ok first, yes this store is located in ‘Kitchen Kettle Village’ in Intercourse, PA (Lancaster/Amish Country).  Go ahead and laugh, I still do every time I see the signs.

Upon entering ‘The Jam & Relish Kitchen,’ the smell of fresh pastries from the bakery wafts through the air and you can’t help but stare in amazement at the amount of jars of jellies, jams, pickles, different salsas and more lining the walls or stationed throughout the store.

They offer samples of everything (and I mean EVERYTHING) to try with gluten-free tortillas or oyster crackers.   There are gift packages, special knickknacks, kitchen supplies and so much more available for sale as well.  The bakery in the far corner sells all kinds of pastries and cookies and of course their famous Whoopie and ShooFly Pies, among other options.

Off in the back of the store you can also watch the jarring process and by the bakery there is a small table where children can decorate their own gingerbread cookies (I believe if you eat at one of the nearby restaurants).

The husband and I always make it a point to stop here every time we visit the Lancaster area.  I always stock up on their mango salsa and Kickin’ Pickle Chips, where he prefers the pineapple salsa and Perfect Pickle Chips.  ‘The Jam & Relish Kitchen’ is definitely a place to check out when visiting the area – and when you do, I guarantee you won’t leave hungry.



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