Lucy’s Cantina Royale

New York, NY

Beachy Vibe Pit Stop Close To Penn Station
Since my best friend had been to Lucy’s before, we chose this as our first stop once we arrived in NYC.  It is a quick walk from Penn Station and when we entered, was rather empty.  We were greeted by a nice guy who told us to sit wherever we’d like so we picked a booth in the back corner, that reeked of bleach.

The bright and quirky decor is something you would see while on a tropical vacation, with old surfboards, posters of surfing competitions and wooden planks everywhere.  TVs are displayed throughout the dining area and the bar, lined with bamboo-type stools, stocked plenty of alcohol on glass shelves.

Water was delivered to our table immediately, but with only a few other people dining around us, our server still took a while to come over and greet us at the table.  The friendly bartender saw that we were waiting and asked what we wanted to drink, at the same time our server came by to take our order.  She seemed extremely bored and uninterested in being there and wasn’t very personable at all.

We ordered Patron and Skinny Margaritas and the house-made tortilla chips with fresh guacamole to start (both very tasty).  Then my friend opted for the grilled fish tacos with mango salsa and I decided on taco salad with sweet jalapeno dressing.  Other than the overly cooked and therefore dry chicken, I enjoyed the dressing and other topping packed into the tortilla bowl shell.  After we finished our dishes we ordered two more drinks and additional chips with salsa, but that tasted more like tomato sauce with tomato chunks and a few onions.  I do have to say that, although our server wasn’t too quick, the food was delivered rather quickly, even after the place started filling up.

The check was typically what you would figure for a small restaurant in NYC – you know where the drinks cost more than the food.  All in all, it wasn’t horrible but I would rate it 3 stars because of the slow service and the dry chicken on my salad.  Perhaps I’d return another time to check out the rooftop bar or outside patio for drinks and more guacamole.
reviewed December 2017

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