2020. What More Can I Say But – Is It Over Yet?
Coronavirus. Universal pandemic. Worldwide lockdown. Quarantine. Death.
Nose swabs. Face masks. Sanitizer. Lessons on hand washing techniques.
Closed schools, restaurants & businesses. Soaring unemployment cases.
No sporting events, concerts, parties, graduations or weddings.
No dining out, movies at the theater or Broadway shows.
No shaking hands, hugging, kissing, fist pumps or high-fiving. No touching – anyone or anything.
No toilet paper, paper towels or cleaning products. (What were people doing with all of that stuff?)
Limited PPE and medical supplies – in all hospitals.
No traveling – anywhere.
Empty city streets – everywhere.
Impeachment of our President. Stock market woes. Zoom meetings & virtual learning.
Murder hornets. Wildfires. Hurricanes & tropical storms.
Protests & looting. Destruction of historical statues all over the world. Black Lives Matter movement.
Campaigns. Mail-in ballots. Election drama. A new president (elect) is named.
Another wave of Coronavirus. More worldwide shutdowns. More death.
And that’s not even everything….

I truly hope everyone is keeping it safe and not running amok out there licking door knobs.
See, that’s one of my problems, no not licking door knobs, but even with germs everywhere I can never keep my hands out of my mouth. Either I’m trying to bite a piece of loose cuticle or picking at my teeth (in private of course) or something like that.

I have, however, like a good little girl, been wearing my mask in public or while shopping & whenever necessary. Luckily, since the beginning of May, I have been able to go to work at the office every day, full time. Bossman only closed for a short month and 1/2, in which I then went to work with the Husband. That was an interesting experience to say the least. šŸ˜‰

In closing, please stay safe and healthy. We really are ALL in this together.

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