Let’s Take It From The Top

So let’s take it from the top and allow me to introduce myself. For starters, that guy up there in the pictures with the crazy lady is the best travel companion anyone could ever ask for, plus he deals with, well, the crazy lady beside him. Oh and if you haven’t caught on, that’s me. 😉 (Side Note: yes, yes most pictures are taken in the car, but I promise we are never driving at the time).

Now a little about “The Cindi That Never Sleeps” – I’m sure you have all heard of NYC, the city that never sleeps…… Well, my name is Cindi (Cynthia, Cyn, whatever you prefer) and basically I have the worse sleeping habits, as in I usually get little sleep each night. My wonderful friends often tease me and say I just recharge instead. Sounds about right.

Now for how “Treats, Trips & Travel Tips” (the original name) came to fruition. I have always loved writing, totally enjoy eating and traveling (who doesn’t) and there’s a whole bunch of other miscellaneous things I like to do. I’m not a world traveler by any means, but my husband and I have ventured out here and there and I’ve chosen to write about those places – the good, the bad and the ugly. Also, as with my love for food, (although I can be classified as a picky eater) we (the aforementioned husband and I) tend to try different dining establishments wherever we go, and guess what, I’ve decided to write about those too – all for your reading pleasure.

Any time I plan a trip I always look for reviews from previous guests/visitors, so why not help out my fellow readers, right? Some entries are old, some new (as indicated by date reviewed), but I’ll always be adding more. Stay tuned………

With that said, I intend to include as much content as I possibly can come up with – including things to do, places to stop and see or hang out and maybe even broaden the spectrum to books, favorites, feelings, ideas (you get the point). I truly hope you enjoy your visit to my site and if not, well I’d love to know. It’s OK, I don’t bite!

Feel free to leave your thoughts, comments and/or any questions you may have.

Thanks for stopping by! My goal, if anything, is to make you laugh and enjoy a few minutes of my simple craziness. 😉


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