The Deck Restaurant & Bar

At Bucks County Playhouse, New Hope, PA

At Least The Views Are Nice……….
I hate to give poor reviews and if you’ve been reading this you should know that I rarely do, but there’s a first time for everything.

The husband and I ventured down to New Hope on a late, sunny Sunday afternoon. We were completely thrown for a loop (as there are so many dining options), but while wandering around we noticed signs for “The Deck” and decided to check it out.

Our first issue was finding the entrance. Although there is a hidden elevator underneath the structure, a large staircase leads you up to the restaurant doors. Upon entering we were greeted by a friendly woman who brought us over to a small table near the open windows (that had screens, nice breeze, no bugs), overlooking the deck with views of the river. Ok I thought to myself, so far it’s not too bad.

The decor was nothing short of simple and minimal with an industrial touch. Wooden tables and chairs lined the one side of the restaurant while a large bar with TVs stood in the center on the other side. Four bathroom doors were situated behind a room divider in the dining area. The place was not filled by any means, but there were a good amount of guests in the dining room and more in the bar area.

Our server introduced himself, ran down the list of specials and delivered our waters immediately. We opted to share the white cheddar broccoli soup to start, which was just the right amount of cheesy with chunks of broccoli and served with 2 small dinner rolls. For our meals we both ordered burgers without buns (no gluten free option there) with buffalo mozzarella; the husband prefers his well done and I specified very little to no pink on mine. Now is the best part……….

We must have waited a good 35-40 minutes or so before our burgers were brought out. I cut mine in half and noticed it was a little too pink inside and completely charred on the outside, whereas the husband’s was even pinker than mine but just as charred. He can tolerate that but I’m sorry I don’t favor eating hockey pucks. Accompanying our burgers were very small containers of delicious chipotle coleslaw and way too salty homemade potato chips.

After finally getting our server’s attention (he fluttered about all over the place), we told him of our unfortunate issue with the burgers and he went off to the back to re-order us new ones. Keep in mind we only ordered 2 burgers – not even on buns and the restaurant had emptied out a little since we’ve gotten there. After a few questions to our server and promises that our food would be out soon – it wasn’t until an HOUR later that it was once again delivered to us – this time perfectly.

I will admit that the new burger cooked the way I requested was hearty and delicious, but we shouldn’t have had to wait that long to eat. When the server resurfaced we requested the check and had to sit and wait again (for what felt like an eternity) while he discussed the bill with the manager.

Overall, the views at “The Deck Restaurant & Bar” are nice and peaceful, but they need to step it up behind the scenes. This is the type of place where you meet up with friends for a couple of drinks or stop in for a quick drink before the show.
reviewed early April 2019


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