Historic Revere Tavern

Paradise, PA (Lancaster County)

A Little History with A Little Flavor
While in the Lancaster area once again, the husband and I chose Historic Revere Tavern for dinner on a late Sunday evening (they close at 9 PM but we arrived slightly before 8 PM). The parking lot is extremely large to accommodate both guests for the Best Western Inn located behind the tavern and the restaurant itself, so parking was definitely not an issue.

Beautiful interior and exterior stonework lined the walls throughout and the restaurant was generously decorated with floral wallpaper and simple period pieces. Upon entering, the friendly hostess greeted us and lead us to a table situated in the smaller of 2 dining rooms, next to the stone fireplace.

Ok now, this is where things got a little confusing & weird – a very nice young lady introduced herself, told us the specials and asked what we would like to drink. We placed our drink order (2 waters – crazy I know) and she retreated to the bar for them. Before she returned, another server, Caterina, had told us that she would be right with us. Thinking nothing of it we left it alone and the other young lady arrived with our drinks, so we started giving her our order. The husband chose the almond crusted chicken breast, with plain baked potato, house vegetable (green beans), and a customized side salad (with ranch), all of which she had written down and repeated perfectly. I opted for the filet mignon with mashed potatoes, house vegetable and salad but never got the chance to finish telling her what I wanted before Caterina approached and explained to the young server that she was handling our table. I felt bad for the young girl as she ripped the order out of her notepad and gave it to Caterina who then repeated the husband’s order first and allowed me to complete my order.

Shortly after she brought us the 2 wines we added and warm ciabatta rolls with 2 choices of butter (delicious soft jalapeno & salted butter); then the salads – with the wrong dressing on his (he ate it anyway); and finally our entrees a short while after. I requested the filet to be medium well (but little more on the well side) and it actually came out perfect, but tasted a little dryer than I would have liked. The husband’s chicken was very good and not at all what we had expected. Mashed potatoes were on point and the green beans flavorful. We both finished our meals and declined dessert, although the menu looked very (very) tempting.

I only gave this review 4 stars because of the awkward situation between the servers and the overall taste of my filet mignon, but I would definitely return to this restaurant again.

reviewed October 2018

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