Frankie’s at Dover Downs

Dover Downs Casino, Dover, DE

Tasteful, Delicious Food But The Kitchen…..
The Husband and I chose Frankie’s at Dover Downs for dinner on a Saturday during Labor Day weekend. Earlier in the day we reserved our table for 7:15 PM but arrived a little earlier and the hostess sat us immediately. We opted to sit outside the restaurant in the fenced-in area where white lights were strung along the walls and Italian flags hung on poles along the fence.

Our friendly server (I will call “S”) greeted us, took our drink order in which I requested a water with my wine, but only returned with my husband’s water and my wine. (I chocked it up as not hearing me correctly.)

The thorough menu featured everything you could imagine for an Italian restaurant. We picked the simple mozzarella caprese as an appetizer while still deciding on our entrees. Eventually “S” brought out hot bread and small garlic balls (I got a kick out of them) with soft butter. When I asked for the water (I didn’t receive) she apologized and disappeared into the restaurant again. I figured it was busy inside but by the looks of it there were still empty tables. At that point, after waiting a while, the husband casually walked up to bar and got me the missing water, as well as another for himself.

When “S” returned to our table, she tried her best to answer our questions regarding gluten free pasta (it was indicated on the menu online but we wanted to be sure), then informed us that there were some issues back in the kitchen, but she was going to ask the chef. She told us that they do offer gluten free penne pasta and finally took our orders. We both ordered the Grilled Chicken Sorrento (the honey balsamic glaze was extremely delightful) with gluten free pasta (instead of angel hair), mine with asparagus, his with broccoli.

We sat patiently for a while, but by the 45 minute mark we still did not receive our “simple” appetizer (the mozz and caprese). Getting restless, the Husband requested to speak to the manager, in which he was told that there were trainees in the kitchen, and not only were they cooking for this restaurant but the one next door too. With a bunch of apologies she hurried to the kitchen to retrieve our appetizer – which mind you didn’t even need to be cooked.

Shortly after we scarfed that down, our entrees came and we devoured them too. Thankfully the food was well-prepared and enjoyable, otherwise we really would have been annoyed. “S” was literally running around serving other tables and even so, still remained professional and cordial, checking in on us here and there. We do understand this situation falls upon the management and kitchen staff (or lack of), but next time I’d suggest not scheduling trainees on a holiday weekend.

When our check was dropped off, we were both shocked that there wasn’t any type of compensation – (at least deduct the wine for goodness sake). After all, we waited over an hour to eat.

Regardless of this whole fiasco, if in the Dover area give Frankie’s a shot. Hopefully by then they will have a great, confident staff back there cooking up hot delicious food.

reviewed August 2018

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