Logan Inn

New Hope, NJ

Charming Restaurant in Beautiful Inn with Flavorful Food & Great Service
Upon walking into Logan Inn, you are completely taken back to another time.  It’s relaxing and retro decor invite you to mingle in the charming lobby or enjoy a delicious meal in the large dining or bar areas.  The friendly hostess greeted us immediately, and although we did not have reservations (they are recommended), hurried to make accommodations for us.  The Husband and I chose to sit at a high top table in the bar area closer to one window side of the building.  Beautiful exposed gray brick lined the interior of the windows, while an extremely huge bar took up the one wall, tables and a gorgeous fireplace sat on the opposite side.

Our server, Randy, introduced himself, took our drink order (I chose the Pumpkin-Chata – very different, seasonal and delicious) and left a basket of warm bread with tasty olive oil.  The menu was filled with almost everything you can imagine, yet we both opted for filet mignon. The husband ordered his well done with the hand cut fries and fingerling potatoes; I asked for mine medium-well with fingerling potatoes and baby carrots.  When the dinners were delivered, looking perfectly arranged, I cut into my steak and it was a little too under-cooked for my liking.  I put it on a smaller plate and asked Randy if it could be cooked a bit more and in the meantime finished my side portions.  After a few long minutes later, Randy returned with my steak and asked if I wanted any additional potatoes, which I declined.  Although a bit charred on the outside, again for my own personal liking, this time it was cooked much better.  As for taste, we both thought the entrees were good.

Our meals offered just enough to satisfy both of us so we requested the check and were shocked when we noticed that the manager had completely removed my filet mignon meal from the bill.  All in all, we would definitely try Logan Inn again, maybe next time for their lunch menu.

SIDE NOTES:  There is valet parking in the rear lot of the Inn for $10. (We stopped by on a Saturday night and also inadvertently gave the attendant a $20 but didn’t get any change).  Also, the bar area tends to get a bit loud so if you are looking for a quiet, romantic dinner be sure to request a table further from the bar.

reviewed November 2017

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