Wolfgang Puck American Grille I

Borgata, Atlantic City, NJ

Great Ambiance, Atmosphere & Service
The husband and I chose Wolfgang Puck American Grille for an early dinner on a Sunday night and were immediately greeted and seated.  Although the decor and ambiance of this restaurant is beautiful and relaxing and our server was friendly and attentive, I just wasn’t 100% satisfied with my meal.  Had I ordered something else I probably would have been completely on board.  There was a slight issue with the Prime Burger I ordered, it was too undercooked for my liking – and the accompanying French fries tasted like plain, fast-food fries that sat a little too long in the window at the drive-up.  Both he and I ordered the Prime Burger (his was delivered perfectly, and in all honestly the sandwich wasn’t too bad once it was returned to me), but he opted for the creamy and tasty mashed potatoes as a side dish (and yes they actually were creamy and tasty).

I would definitely recommend this restaurant and the next time we go, I’ll be sure to aim for something other than the burger and fries – I’m already thinking filet mignon. 😉  The dinner menu is complete with everything from chicken and pasta to steak and seafood with an extensive drink menu to follow.  The prices range from $20 – $50 for main entrees with less expensive prices for smaller appetizer courses and other dishes.

NOTE:  We were surprised to find out that this establishment actually offers gluten-free buns and pizza (they didn’t have any pizza dough the night we were there, otherwise we would have tried that as an appetizer).

reviewed February 2018

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