Bobby Flay Steak

Borgata, Atlantic City, NJ

Excellent Dinner Options, Atmosphere & Service
As a treat to my in-laws, the husband and I chose Bobby Flay Steak to celebrate their anniversary and were definitely not disappointed.

The decor in this restaurant is simple and tasteful, with a large bar and an intimate lounge area with couches on the left side and most of the dining tables on the right.  We were immediately greeted by the friendly staff and escorted to our table where our server, Frank, introduced himself and instantly filled our glasses with water.  Next, hot rolls with soft butter and the bottle of wine we selected were brought out.  The lengthy menu consisted of choices from fish to shellfish to steak and chicken and (thankfully) there were gluten-free options.

I ordered the 10 oz filet mignon and the husband chose the hanger steak, while momma-in-law decided on the NY strip and pops-in-law opted for the Porterhouse lamb chops.  All of our dishes were prepared and delivered beautifully with a tasty and unique sauce on the side.  For an additional fee, you have a great selection of sides – we picked 2 orders of smashed baked potato with creme fraiche, goat cheese and green onions (absolutely delicious!).  In fact, we ate in silence except when raving about our dinners.

Throughout our meal, our wine and water glasses were continuously filled and Frank made sure we had everything we needed.  We ate so much that unfortunately none of us had room for dessert, but I saw one of those 13 layer cakes float by on a tray.  Maybe next time!

Although the items are a bit pricey and you’ll be spending a good amount of dinero, it’s completely worth it for the ambiance and excellent meal and dining experience.
reviewed October 2017

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