Musser’s Historic Country Suites

Old Post Office Suite, New Providence, PA

Relaxing, Comfortable Stay in a Little Piece of History
The husband and I venture out to the beautiful area of Lancaster for a nice, relaxing trip as often as possible, and Musser’s Historic Country Suites delivered just that.  The owner, Barb, is absolutely wonderful and immediately greeted us with a huge smile.  She did everything possible to make sure our stay was comfortable and indeed fantastic, (including inviting us into her home and introducing us to her sweet and extremely intelligent dog, Dosey and her adorable puppies).

Upon entering the Old Post Office Suite (via our own private entrance in the back of the building), you felt like you were swept back in time.  The small bathroom has a stand-up shower and down 2 large stone steps sits a beautiful, full-sized bed with a large closet area.  In the loft, up a short flight of stairs, an incredibly crafted queen-size bed is nestled between wooden and brick walls, with a small window that overlooks the lovely garden in the backyard.  Through the main doorway, the open kitchen includes a pull-out couch and small dining table however there is a large common area/library/game/tv room that guests are welcome to use.

This charming historic house is located close to many of the Amish attractions and farms, as well as the quaint town of Strasburg, and many antique shops and stores.  The winding back roads offer miles of peaceful scenery of farms and rolling hills. I highly recommend taking a visit to New Providence and seeing it all for yourself.

NOTE: Both bedrooms have low ceilings, which is not too convenient for you really tall people.
reviewed June 2018

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