Hershey Farm Restaurant

Hershey Farm Rest
Ronks, PA

The Price is Right Breakfast Buffet with a Friendly Staff
(I know, I know the first thing that comes to mind when you hear anything Hershey you think of chocolate….not this time)
Hershey Farm Restaurant is one of few buffet style restaurants that are open on Sundays in Lancaster County.  It sits on a large property with plenty of parking and inside is a huge lower level gift shop to browse through while waiting for your name to be called if there is a wait.

You can’t beat the price of the breakfast buffet ($11.99 drinks not included), but the food stations are small and one-sided so lines form quickly.  Oddly there was only 1 attendant at the omelet station, but she held her own and kept moving along nicely.  Our server was friendly and attentive, checking up on us periodically.

The food was fresh and tasty (everything in this area is) and exactly what you would expect, with your basic buffet items (scrambled eggs, potatoes, meats, pancakes, french toast, etc) and some others that I have never seen before (like baked oatmeal which was delicious).  Pies, yogurt, pastries and more lined the shelves and they offer a sundae-building station complete with multiple toppings.  If I must say, their whoopee pie (my first authentic Amish Country whoopie pie ever) totally topped off my breakfast meal.

reviewed June 2018

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