XPlor Park

Xcaret, Mexico

Adventure Park Like No Other!
Great place to Xplor (see what I did there?), especially at night!!  The jungle buggies (amphibious vehicles) are a lot of fun (he actually allowed me to drive!) and there are plenty of zipline options available, including zipping down into the water seated in hammocks.  It was definitely an experience to stroll through the “Underground World” – but keep in mind there is an extreme amount of walking involved – and the paddle rafts were a blast to maneuver.

The staff was very helpful and friendly throughout the park and we truly appreciated the special “honeymooners” treatment we received, including a secluded table for 2 by the fire pit when we ate where they made a special dessert for us.  There are also other pitstops along your journey where you can stop to recharge with drinks and snacks like cookies, pastries.

Definitely recommend  this tour during your trip to Mexico but be sure to bring bug spray, comfy water/walking shoes and a waterproof/camera case, however, there are lockers you can use while wandering around the park.

reviewed January 2017


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